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Construction Projects

Examples include: Handicap ramp construction, roofing, etc.


LoveLoud is three days of missional service opportunities designed to engage middle school and high school students in sharing Christ’s love in our tri-county area in a variety of practical ways. It has been an annual effort sponsored by the Liberty Association of Baptists since 2013. Students can be involved in one of three kinds of projects:



Community Service

Examples include: Serving at local schools, pregnancy center, homeless shelter, etc.


 Evangelistic Outreach

  Examples include: Backyard Bible Clubs, evangelistic sports clinic, etc.



Here Be Lions

Here Be Lions (Integrity Music) is a Nashville, Tennessee-based collective led by worship leader and song-writer Dustin Smith (“God Who Moves The Mountains,” “Miracles”).  Here Be Lions takes its name from the ancient mapping tradition in which explorers marked unknown, dangerous territory with a symbol and the phrase “Here Be Lions.” Originally meant as a warning, the phrase has become a call for the Here Be Lions team to participate in the advancement of God’s kingdom.

HBL includes Dustin, his wife Jeanna, James Galbraith, Jordan Clause, Jeremy Weedman and Garner McGregor. 


Drew Krutza

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is responsible for LoveLoud?

LoveLoud is hosted by and sponsored in part by the Liberty Association of Baptists. The leadership team as well as team leaders and assistant team leaders are primarily from Liberty's network of Southern Baptist Churches.

Is transportation provided?

Participants are responsible for arriving at their county's rally point as well as arranging pick up from their county's rally point. LoveLoud provides all transportation during event hours.

Is food provided?

Lunch and supper are provided for all participants Monday through Wednesday of the event.

What are the age requirements?

You must have completed 6th grade in order to participate in LoveLoud.

I'm an adult, can I participate?

Yes! After receiving your registration information our leadership team will contact you about how you can serve.

Can I get a refund if I cancel?

Unfortunately, we cannot issue refunds after April 15th.

If you would like a refund prior to April 15th please contact rj.baise@me.com 


Why is there a registration fee?

Individual registration fees help cover the necessary costs of the camp elements of LoveLoud such as, food, t-shirt, event bracelet, night programming, etc. The reason registration costs are so low is because Liberty Association subsidizes the cost for project materials.

Can I support LoveLoud even if I am unable to participate in the event?

Yes! If you would like to support LoveLoud financially simply click on the donate button at the bottom of this page. If there is another way you would like to support LoveLoud such as, help serve a meal, provide a team van, etc. please contact rj.baise@me.com

What if I am available to volunteer one day but not all three?

Unfortunately due to the logistics of coordinating hundreds of volunteers and dozens of projects it is necessary that registered participants be available for all three days of service.

Can I be a part of the nightly worship experience if I am not serving as a volunteer?

Yes! Doors are open to the public on Sunday night and after supper Monday through Wednesday.

Will participants be assigned to teams?

Yes. Due to the logistics of coordinating hundreds of volunteers and dozens of projects, it is necessary for our leadership team to make team assignments. We do strive to make sure each participant has the opportunity to serve with a mix of people they know and people they don't know.

Can my church participate if we are not part of the Liberty Association of Baptists?

Absolutely! Although LoveLoud was started and is sponsored by Liberty Association, we are excited to partner with other gospel-centered local churches to impact lostness in our community.

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