Church Happenings


Pray for these Churches Without Pastors:  Canmer, Calvary, Cave Spring

A member of New Liberty Baptist Church has opened a “Mission Store”, open two days a week (Fri & Sat., 7AM until 4 PM).  It’s on Hwy 1243, just off Hwy 70 at Knob used to be a consignment store (formerly the “Country Closet”).  Everything is free to the public, including shoes, clothing, household items freely given.  Donations can be made through the “Helping Hands” in Edmonton, or donations can be dropped off during hours at the storefront.  For more information, contact Larry Martin (270-590-9586).

Known Birthdays: Kathy Devine (wife of Pastor Barry Devine of Cedar Cliff BC), Nov. 18;  Rufina 
Miranda (wife of Pastor Dimas Miranda of Iglesia Bautista Emanuel), Nov. 19;  Jessica Milby (wife of Pastor Joe Milby of Grace Union BC) and Linda Woodie (wife of Pastor Ray Woodie of Coral Hill BC), both Nov. 22

Known Church Anniversaries:  Dimas Miranda, Pastor at Iglesia Emmanuel, 22 years

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What's inside

One session training video                  

Study guides to accompany videos

PowerPoint slides

Social media graphics

Four session training video

CP Champion video clips

Leader guide


Why use the CP Training Kit in your church?
42% of the world's population has never heard the gospel

80% of Kentuckians do not regularly attend church

Many Kentucky Baptists don't understand how CP funds are invested

Many are unaware of the work of the KBC Mission Board staff

Many are unaware of KBC Agencies and Institutions

Many Kentucky Baptists don't know about the Four Pegs of our Big Tent Convention    


Information About the CP Kit
Created with the local church in mind

Videos feature a wide array of KBC and SBC leaders

Includes samples of new CP brochures with information on how funds are invested

Perfect for small group, multi-week gathering or a one-time membership class

Includes study guide and leader guide

Include promotional graphics for social media and church slide presentation

To get your kit, click on the link: also have kits available at the Association Office

November Reminders

November 7—DST Ends...turn your clocks BACK one hour...
November 15—Pastor’s Conference at Severns Valley BC in Etown, 2:00 first session
November 15—Men’s Meeting at Rowletts BC, 6 PM
November 16—Pastor’s Lunch cancelled ;  KBC ANNUAL MEETING AT SEVERNS VALLEY BAPTIST IN ETOWN, 8:00 AM
November 25—Thanksgiving Day